About Me

Welcome to my journey!  I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur who is seeking God’s plan for my life.  The idea of living in God’s grace is so foreign to me because I grew up in a church that was so legalistic and condemning.  I was afraid of God, assuming he was waiting for any chance to wipe me out.  For the past 10 years or so, I felt I that I understood what grace was, and it changed my perception of God-for the better.  But, I have recently become aware that my perceptions are still quite distorted.  So this blog is dedicated to my pursuit of God- the real one, who loves me even as flawed as I am.  And knowing that God wants to be involved in EVERY aspect of my life, I will be blogging about all kinds of things, and how God chooses to reveal Himself through the events in my daily life.

My journey includes my wonderful husband, our two precious teenage boys, and her royal highness, our cat Rebel.  We live in Colorado, and absolutely love it.  We attend a wonderful, bible teaching church in Fort Collins called Summitview.


One thought on “About Me

  1. My dear Lisa, I’m thoroughly overjoyed to read this. You are a woman with a destination, I’m just so excited to see where God will lead you!!

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