Even The Prairie Dog!

Prairie Dog Rapture, by Anthony Falbo


I was doing some ‘Stumbling‘ this morning on article ideas for one of my clients. I came across this photo and read the article about the possible meaning behind the prairie dog pose while barking. It was suggested that they were honoring the sunrise/sunset, and that it was a position of praising God.  Regardless of whether science approves, I found it intriguing. Instantly, it brings to light the passage in Luke 19 where Jesus states, “I tell you, if they [the Jews] keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

Trivial Pursuit

It seems like such a small, trivial thing especially considering the views of the science community- but in fact, it is monumental.  God used a tiny little animal that most people consider a ‘pest’ to show us His glory- if only we are willing to look, and acknowledge Him.  Some may consider my words ignorant, that it means something else, or that I’m making it up.  That’s okay.  My next post will get to my feelings on that.  If we look to ‘man’ for approval, we will never make everyone around us happy.


When it comes to stating their Christian beliefs, a lot of people stop dead in their tracks. They don’t want to be known as the ‘bible thumper’ or the ‘religious nut’ in the family, neighborhood, or workplace.  Standing up for what they believe is paralyzing to them, or, a constant battle.  And I am no different- especially when ‘religion’ is involved.  Why? Because I am not a religious person.  I don’t feel that religion plays a part in my salvation or my life as a Christian.   That makes no sense to some people.  What do you think?

Religion is the boundary of tradition, ritual, and legalism.  Traditions can be good, or bad. But if they are allowed to supercede your faith, then they become the worshipped, not the way to worship.  Ritual can also be good.  But when it is performed mindlessly, or in order to place one’s self above anyone else, then it destroys it’s purpose and joins the ranks of motions in futility.  Legalism is the term through which tradition and ritual are generally acknowledged.  Legalism is the belief that you can fully abide by the law and that is the way you can avoid penalty.  Legalism is destructive because God’s law was not something man COULD successfully keep. In addition to the law God gave us, man has instituted his own version of tradition and ritual, making it even more impossible to follow. With all this bearing down on us, what do we do?

Look to God!  If He created us to NOT be able to keep the law, we should ask why?  What purpose does it serve if we can’t do it?  Ah, now the answer is easy.  Because it shows us how completely Holy God is.  How completely perfect He is, and it shows us His Righteousness.  It defines Him.  It glorifies Him.  It radiates our need for Him.  And it does something else.  It shows how much He wants to be a part of the life He gave us.  He created us for the sole purpose of expressing His glory, love, and mercy to us.  By reflecting these back to Him, and to each other equally, we complete the eternal expression of love.  This is the definition of world peace.  How can I say that?  Because within this example, there is no selfish desires, no hidden agenda, no schemes, lies or deceit.  If everyone followed this example, there would be no one starving or in pain, no destruction, no crime.  Why?  Because if everyone was focused only on God, and serving others, there would always be someone watching your back, so you wouldn’t have to.  There would ALWAYS be someone there ready to help you.

Risk [AKA Decision]

Sounds too good to be true?  It is.  For now.  That’s why Jesus came, to offer each of us a chance to live- really live.  Because someday, those that believed in something that seemed too good to be true will live eternally in a place like that.  I am counting the seconds.  It can’t come soon enough.  And until that time comes, I choose to see the everyday miracles, the seeming coincidences, and the little pointers, clues, and breathless moments that show me that God is right there, whispering, ‘look, smell, taste, touch, hear, believe-Don’t you know?  I love you —-this much—-!’