Why NOW? I’m too busy for this!

GRRR!  Ever had a day that nothing seemed to go as planned?  Today, I woke up to 8 inches of snow, no power, and no water [we’re in the country and have a well with an electric pump-yeah, not the smartest idea- we lose power with almost every snowstorm!].  Great.  Thankfully, my cell phone alarm had been set, so I woke up on time!  But it was still a hectic morning. We drove to town and hit every light along the way. The office was FREEZING.  The coffee seemed to take forever to perk.  The computer was cranky…. OH wait, that was me ;).  Anyway, it was shaping up to be a yucky day, even though I love the snow!

So, as I sit here and type this, I had to take a look at why my morning was so hectic.  You know, the ROOT cause.  I had to admit that I felt inconvenienced.  Why?  Because I am a busy person.  I have a LOT of stuff to do!  I own a business, manage multiple blogs [finally even one for me!], clients, and we have teenagers.

I don’t have time to get involved in all the small issues [where did I leave my purse?] or the bigger ones [how am I supposed to take a shower in the dark with no water?].  I have to make sales to pay my bills.  I have to rebuild my website [and it’s taking FOREVER].  I have advertising materials to create, and administrating to do. Where will I find the time for all this?

Then it sinks in.

I won’t.  I can’t.  There.  I admitted it .  I am unable to meet the demands of my life.  I fail. There is no reasoning around it, no way to get past it.  It stings, but it is the truth.  But the best truth is that God doesn’t expect me to get everything done.  He created me to worship Him, and to be focused on Him.  Why? Because if I am involved in a bunch of busywork, I will miss golden opportunities to share the gospel, or be involved in the lives of others.

With this awareness, I am at peace. I make mistakes.  I am anxious and harsh.  But, I am forgiven, made new, and loved.  The things that irritate me aren’t beyond God’s reach.  No they aren’t happening because God took his eyes off me for a second.  They are happening because God IS watching, and shaping, and prodding me to think eternally, not physically.

Think ETERNALLY.  It will change your life!