The Greatest ‘Myth’

I Go To Church Every Week

Real Christianity is not based on your church affiliation, it is based in your heart’s relationship with Jesus.  Going to church every week has a purpose, but I have found that most people have that purpose confused.

Church isn’t a task to check off your list.  It isn’t a social club to attend-although the social aspect is vitally important to your spiritual well-being.  Church isn’t something you ‘do’ to get people to approve of you or to trust you.

Attending church regularly doesn’t necessarily make you a follower of Jesus Christ.  As Christians, we are called to be different.  Our lives are supposed to point to Christ, just like the little prairie dogs.  It is our purpose to be loving, and generous, and forgiving.  Not that we should allow others to degrade us or walk all over us, but show that real, authentic Christianity is NOT the nit-picky, divisive, backstabbing, hypocrisy we see in the church today.  Real, honest Christianity does tackle hard issues, but with grace, and genuine love. Not in a judging or condemning manner, but as a fellow sinner, who understands and has been there.

So, what does make you a true follower in Jesus Christ?  What about church?

Well, the ‘list’ is simple!

  • Believe that we are born sinful, and our separation from God is a result of that sin.  To be reconciled to God, our sin must be atoned for.  There must be death, or a sacrifice of perfect life, to bring us back into a relationship with God.
  • Believe that Jesus is God, that He came in human form to live a perfect life, and die in our place on the cross- to give us salvation and reconciliation to God.  Why?  Because He loves us that much!
  • With repentance, and a heart change [gratitude and love], we want to give God the glory, and we want to share all that he has done for us to give us a new life- here- and for all eternity.
  • Attend a bible based, bible teaching church.  Why?  Because being a part of a congregation causes you to be surrounded by believers who can help you as you struggle to change old sinful habits, and as a body of believers, you have a direction to help you as you share the gospel with others.
  • Develop a habit of regular prayer and bible study.  This is a great stumbling block to many Christians.  If this is a problem for you, get connected to prayer group, or a bible study.  A great resource is Bible Study Fellowship.  This is an International Bible Study that is non-denominational, uses only the bible for lessons, and has been compared to studying at a theological seminary.  It is free, and you can bring your school aged children. There are women’s day classes that allow children 2 and up.
  • Seek God’s will in your life.  Realize that God will reveal to you what He wants for you, and He will move heaven and earth for you to accomplish His priority in your life.
  • With God, there is no impossible.  The only limits to what He can do are the ones YOU put there.
  • God is all knowing.  Nothing escapes Him, nothing surprises Him.  There is no “oops, didn’t see that coming” or “oops, missed that, now what do I do”
  • There are only two options in our lives- Whether we will allow Him to lead us – or not.  That’s it.  Everything single thing that happens in our lives boils down to these two choices.  Whether we acknowlege Him, glorify Him [even in painful situations], seek Him, and follow Him — or— we decide that He isn’t there, doesn’t care, didn’t love us enough to stop ______?_____ [more on that later], or whatever we tell ourselves to justify our dissatisfaction with God or our decision to ‘do it ourselves’.

Choose to be authentic in your walk with the Lord.  I can promise it will be difficult.  I can promise you won’t always understand.  And, I can promise that the outcome will be worth more than anything you ‘check off’ on your ‘list’.



Why NOW? I’m too busy for this!

GRRR!  Ever had a day that nothing seemed to go as planned?  Today, I woke up to 8 inches of snow, no power, and no water [we’re in the country and have a well with an electric pump-yeah, not the smartest idea- we lose power with almost every snowstorm!].  Great.  Thankfully, my cell phone alarm had been set, so I woke up on time!  But it was still a hectic morning. We drove to town and hit every light along the way. The office was FREEZING.  The coffee seemed to take forever to perk.  The computer was cranky…. OH wait, that was me ;).  Anyway, it was shaping up to be a yucky day, even though I love the snow!

So, as I sit here and type this, I had to take a look at why my morning was so hectic.  You know, the ROOT cause.  I had to admit that I felt inconvenienced.  Why?  Because I am a busy person.  I have a LOT of stuff to do!  I own a business, manage multiple blogs [finally even one for me!], clients, and we have teenagers.

I don’t have time to get involved in all the small issues [where did I leave my purse?] or the bigger ones [how am I supposed to take a shower in the dark with no water?].  I have to make sales to pay my bills.  I have to rebuild my website [and it’s taking FOREVER].  I have advertising materials to create, and administrating to do. Where will I find the time for all this?

Then it sinks in.

I won’t.  I can’t.  There.  I admitted it .  I am unable to meet the demands of my life.  I fail. There is no reasoning around it, no way to get past it.  It stings, but it is the truth.  But the best truth is that God doesn’t expect me to get everything done.  He created me to worship Him, and to be focused on Him.  Why? Because if I am involved in a bunch of busywork, I will miss golden opportunities to share the gospel, or be involved in the lives of others.

With this awareness, I am at peace. I make mistakes.  I am anxious and harsh.  But, I am forgiven, made new, and loved.  The things that irritate me aren’t beyond God’s reach.  No they aren’t happening because God took his eyes off me for a second.  They are happening because God IS watching, and shaping, and prodding me to think eternally, not physically.

Think ETERNALLY.  It will change your life!

The Skeleton In My Closet

Do you have a skeleton in your closet?

I grew up in a very legalistic, very condemning church, that taught that God was waiting for you to sin so that he could punish you.  We were taught that even if we were doing everything right, we’d get to heaven, and find out that we didn’t ask God to forgive us for some sin [even telling a lie when you were a kid], and we would not be able to enter into the kingdom.   It has taken all these years to get over that.  Even this week, as I struggled to make a decision on a direction to take, I was suddenly almost crippled with fear at making the wrong choice, even though both directions would show faith.  I asked God to tell me what to do, and quoted the saying, “If you err, err on the side of caution.” –Thinking if I didn’t know for sure, but took a step in faith, he’d show me what the next step was.  He answered, “Err on the side of faith”.  I questioned this.  If we are acting on faith, can we still make mistakes?  Yes!  Peter did, he lopped off the soldier’s ear because he believed, and acted, without waiting on God.  So did Abraham.  He didn’t wait on God, he had a child with his wife’s servant.

Well, I can’t tell you what a difference that has made for me.   I feel that I am finally free to just embrace the love that the Lord has shown me, and accept the grace that He willingly offers.  Free.  Me?  REALLY!